Friday, April 8, 2011

Welcome One and All!

Hello World! Welcome to For the Love of Romance! Come in, sit down and grab a glass of wine. This is a place where Happily Ever After is the goal and romance conquers all.

For the Love of Romance has been an idea growing in my mind for about 6 months. I am addicted to romance novels and since my family calls them “trash” and my friends don’t read them I wanted a place where I could go and share my thoughts with other avid readers. I needed a place where I could express myself but I also wanted a place where others could come share their thought and ideas. So, please make yourself at home here.

So, now I’m sure you’re all wondering just what is going on here at For the Love of Romance so let me tell you what you’re going to get from me and my fabulous blog. There will be discussions about books, movies and TV shows along with book reviews and my obsessions of the moment. Right now it’s Camelot on Starz. Oh, and pictures of hot guys.

(Henry Cavill)

Now, besides my love of romance novels I thought I would give you 5 interesting facts about myself that way you know just who you’re dealing with.

Five Fun Facts about Jamie

5. Yes, I listen to the Spice Girls and no I will not apologize. Go ahead, judge me.

4. I am terrified of birds. Yes, all birds. Pigeons, ducks, chickens, sparrows. I will scream and I will cause a scene if a bird gets too close.

3. I am addicted to Sonic’s Cherry Limeade. It’s getting to the point where I may have to go to Limeade’s Anonymous.

2. I changed my major 3 times in college… and I’m working on what I want to be when I grow up.

1. I have never read Pride & Prejudice *gasp* But I have seen movie and the BBC version (Hello Mr. Firth) Maybe one day I’ll actually get the chance to read it.

I want to thank the fabulous Beverley Kendall, author and the mastermind of the super fabulous The Season for Romance for giving me a chance to hone my book reviewing skills. She gave me a chance and for that I am so grateful cause she helped me find my voice. Also, I want to thank the fabulously talented Ashley March for helping name my blog. And my Twitter gals Kati, Rita and Vicky for giving me the push to get this up and going! Mwah!

Stay tuned friends’ cause I have some fun stuff planned! And, in case you need further reason to come back, Monday’s will be known as Man Candy Monday. Yes, pictures of hot guys, what more could you ask for. Man Candy Monday started on Twitter so feel free to join me over there.


  1. Yay! First postest with the mostest!
    Glad you now have a home for the madness!! (scrolling on twitter just isn't the same) I always love to stop by new blogs and comment on the first post. I got a comment on mine that I'll never forget and want to pass on:
    "Welcome To Blogging!"
    From the minuet you hit the publish button, you enter a world that can be as fulfilling and gratifying as you allow it to be.I've only been doing it for a year, but the experience is one that can help bring together anyone with a keyboard and a love for books-and that's priceless!
    I get what you're saying- my fam and friends call the 'sex books' =/ my ultimate distraction, but I've found some really cool gals who love the distraction as much as me and more importantly, understand that it's more than just stroking engorged manhoods-and it makes all the difference!

    Obviously I wish you lots of success and fulfilment through blogging! Who knows-Maybe Henry Cavill will lift the restraining order he must have on us ManCandyMonday Gals long enough to become your next follower ! ;)


  2. When I saw the picture of Henry I squeed so hard I had to change my underwear!
    I'm so glad you've finally made your way into the blogging world. As Rita said, it'll be easier not having to scroll through a ton of Twitter posts just to oogle man candy and discussing books and ideas. I can't wait to see what you have in store for the blog.

    I would just like to say, Henry Cavill DOES NOT have a restraining order on me, yet. After Superman comes out, most likely I'll be getting served with papers.


    P.S. I've been obsessed with the Spice Girls since middle school and as for Sonic, there's one 30 minutes away. I miss Texas (where there's a Sonic on every corner, like Starbucks). Cherry limeades are my fave, Ocean Water is my next.(Really? Who names a drink Ocean Water?)

  3. You girls are fabulous and I love you!! I'm so excited, and scared, but it felt so rewarding to hit that "publish" button!

    Now, I couldn't stop myself from posting some Henry Cavill, I mean I have to keep the ladies interested. Oh, and PS, Henry said it was ok and he's lifting the restraining order because he loves me lol!

    So ladies, lets put on some Spice Girls, grab a cherry limeade and talk about those "sex books"!

    <3 Mwah!

    PS... Kati I think we have to get you some diapers with all this squeeing lol And Ocean Water? I don't like it when I'm at the beach so I hope it taste better then the real thing.

  4. Yay!!! You got it up and running! It looks great. I hope I can get mine updated soon so I can keep up. LOL

    I'm having so much fun getting to know you. Partners in crime on Mondays. I can't wait to see what's next!

    Big Hugs,

  5. I likey some Man Candy! I also like trashy romance novels. I'll definitely be back.