Thursday, April 28, 2011

WORD to Brooklyn

Last night was soooooo much fun! I also had myself quite an adventure because me going into NYC usually means something crazy is going to happen. So let's start at the begining shall we...

I must have been on the slowest moving train EVER. Now, normally it takes about 45-50 minutes if I leave from my hometown but this train took me over an hour. I didn't mind too much because I had my iPod and was rocking out to TSwift. Then I met my friend Lisa at the Borders that is right outside Penn Station and after some coffee we headed to Brooklyn.

This is where the adventure starts... we get on the subway... going to wrong way... TWICE! Now mind you, we have gone to WORD before and didn't get lost. Also, for the first time in my life I saw a rat in the subway. I almost died.

Finally! We made it to WORD. I just want to give a shout out to the ladies who work there! You gals are aweosme and so nice! I love going to WORD because I know that I'll be treated like a friend there. There was also champagne and scones there for us to munch on. Then the real fun started!

Maya Rodale, Sarah MacLean and Kieran Kramer sat down and answered questions. All three of them write books set in the Regency and they talked about the restrictions and rules of the time period. Also, they talked about how no one ever mentions that during the Regency the woman didn't shave... or bath that much but Sarah said that she made sure her heroine bathed before ant illict activity.

Here are some other tidbits:

Did you know that Kieran used to work for the CIA? She even went to The Farm (I thought of the movie The Recruit when she said that) She also told us that what Scottish men really wear under their kilts... Not a thing! Trip to Scotland anyone? She also talked about her characters and how they are a little kooky and how maybe we may see her writing something else in the future but she's busy right now with the historicals.

Sarah told us how her title 9 Rules was meant to get her manuscript attention and the title just stuck. Her next series, the Fallen Angles is not a paranormal (though she does admit that JR Ward books are like crack and I agree) and I can't wait to read them! She is also writing another YA book.

Maya talked about how she writes to her title. And she has a great title for her next book... but I can't remember what it is, but it was really good. I really need to take better notes but I was in like serious fan girl mode. She talked about her Writing Girls series and how she likes that her heroines break the norm and have jobs. She talked about her writing process and how she loves to use spreadsheets to plot her books. PS...she was wearing a fabulous jacket!

After the interview sessions the ladies signed some books and seriously they were sooooo nice! Sarah was talking about Rob Lowe and that hot cover of his so we talked about that and since Maya hadn't seen it and I just happened to have a picture of it on my phone I showed her. Kieran and I were tweeting back and forth yesterday and I was so excited to meet her. Then she asked me how my ears were! How cute is that? She knew that I was sick and had some really bad ear infections. I love her! Well, I love them all really!

If you ever get a chance to go to a book signing or something like that where your favorite author is going to be there GO! It was seriously so much fun! I tried to not act like such a fan girl but I think I failed. I forgot to take good notes because I was so caught up in the moment and hanging onto every word. But again, even though I was probably grinning like a fool they were so nice and I felt like I was talking to friends instead of strangers. You Ladies rock!

But that was my night! One I won't forget for a very long time!

(I'm having issues loading the pics I took but I'm putting them on Twitter and will try to load them here later)

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  1. Wow. I am so envious of you. I could tell how much fun you had. Wish I could go to things like that. I'm so glad you had such a good time. *hugs*