Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Did you hear?

Huzzah! Did you hear the news? Kati aka Romancing Rakes is doing her first author interview and giveaway! And just who is this lucky author? Why it's the super fabulous Jenn LeBlanc author of The Rake and The Recluse. You want to know the best thing about Jenn LeBlanc's book... its illustrated. And by illustrated I mean pictures of real people! And let me tell you, those pictures HAWT! I mean, just look at the cover!

Now see that gorgeous man on the cover? That would be our newest obsession, Derek, or DH. So a few nights ago we were twittering about how much we are in lust with that sexy man (seriously get the e-book because the pictures are smokin!) that Ms. LeBlanc offered to do Kati's first author interview. How sweet is that? And what's even sweeter... She's giving away two copies of the e-book and some other fun stuff!

Kati and I tagged team Ms. LeBlanc with some questions. I really just wanted to know where I could find DH and keep him for myself. What? A girl can try. Anyway, make sure you ALL head over to Romancing Rakes because there are pictures too!

So I happen to have an ePub copy of The Rake and The Recluse that I just downloaded the other day. I will also admit that I scrolled through the book to look at the pictures first. I just think the idea of an illustrated novel is so cool. You should also head to Jenn's Leblanc's website The Illustrated Romance and take a look at what she does!

Now make sure you comment over at Romancing Rakes. Kati's got the goods, I'm just pimping!

The giveaway will end 5/18 and trust me, you'll want to win! I hear Ms LeBlanc is sending some pictures of DH *sigh*

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