Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Rake and The Recluse: Part 3

She's back! Jenn Leblanc is here with another fabulous post to celebrate the release of TRATR Part 3. Now, have we all recovered from getting it on in Victorican carriages because this week it's all about getting it on in closets. Well, lets get down to business.

Jamie!! It has been a whole two weeks and I’ve missed you SO! Where were we? AH, we talked sex, more specifically we talked about sex in carriages. That was pretty special. I loved the comments, choosing positions, offering others...if you didn’t read it you should check it out!

OK, so today we will talk about closets. There are all types of closets in Victorian England. Those that hold clothes, those that hold linens, those that hold weapons, those that hold...water.

Well. Closets by nature are cramped, so when selecting a closet for your...activities be sure to consider the environment. I wouldn’t recommend a weapon closet for example, you might get injured. On that note, the water closet is probably an equally unfortunate choice. They weren’t nearly as cozy as they are today.

The wardrobe is very small in general, and with all the clothing hanging it would be quite cramped. I suppose in a pinch it would do, but it wouldn’t be my first choice by any means, not to mention the rumpling of all the clean clothes. The ladies maids and valets would be put out. Never put out a servant because they can make your life miserable in the most subtle of ways.

So there’s the linen closet, now this could get interesting because there is quite a bit of shelving in a linen closet, I would hope you chose a larger household in which to cavort, set your sights high! The linen closet of a larger household will, of course, be larger. The shelves will make for great handhold depending on how creative and acrobatic you tend to be, and the linens (not ALL of them mind you, remember the servants!) will come in handy for creating a bit of a makeshift bed.

I think we have a winner.

So to recap, we have the Town Carriage, with position number 5 (on the floor, seated against the VERY secure door), and the linen closet.

There are a great range of positions in the linen closet, I’m sure you’re imagination will carry you away, all those shelves and broad shoulders and...acrobatics.

Have I forgotten a closet? What do you think, is the linen closet the right choice for this particular jaunt?

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Well, there you have it. The linen closet seems like the perfect choice but I will say that I have a very large closet in my bedroom. So do you agree? You have until Friday for a chance to win a copy of TRATR.  


  1. I would include the pantry. You could have a recreation of the famous scene in 9 1/2 weeks. LOL

    Geishasmom73 AT yahoo DOT com

    1. Stacie! The pantry, that's a great recommendation. I agree.


  2. I agree Jenn, if it has to be a closet, I think the linen closet would be the best bet.

    The pantry would be interesting too but you'd have to wait until all the servants were in bed, so no spontaneity.

    1. My response won't stick! I think a midnight rendezvous would be fantastic! Hee hee.


  3. While reading this I thought of the pantry too. But for me my mind went to the toy closet. My houses have always had one in the childrens room/family room or play room.
    I have to say playing in the toy closet sounds really fun.
    musicalfrog at comcast.net

    1. Ha!! That sounds like fun! I'm reading this book, and the uh..toy closet is a bit different. So of course that's the first thing I thought about. ;)


  4. Another fabulous post! Thank you for making it!
    verusbognar (at) gmail (dot) com